Online Math Courses

he Internet has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives and made education easily accessible online. There are different types of online courses available that vary from under-graduate to post-graduate but that is not all. You can even take advantage of the various subjects that are being taught online. Mathematics is one such subject that has moved from traditional classroom to online. Finding online maths courses is quite easy these days especially because of the many universities and private institutions offering the same. One of the biggest advantages of choosing an online maths course is the convenience. You can study at you own time and you will not be required to pay a hefty amount in fees. Let's take a look at some of the institutions offering online maths courses:

• Algebra I Course
• Introductory Geometry Course
• Probability and Statistics Course

Apart from the above courses, MIT also has almost 100 free online math courses made available to everyone and anyone through their innovative OpenCourseWare project. Under the OpenCourseWare project, you will get to study using slides, lectures, assignments, problem sets, and various other resources that will mainly assist self-study. Above all, you don't need to register for these courses.