Online Colleges Top 10 Rated

Are you thinking about going back to college, but you don't have the time or the flexibility to go to a traditional college? Online college might be for you because it provides flexibility and great degree programs all in one. Here are the top 10 rated online colleges.

1 - Baker College Online Baker College is based out of Michigan and is the top rated online College. The reason this one snags the #1 ranking is because the classes are 6 weeks long, it is the most affordable online college, and they offer associates, bachelors, and masters programs.

2 - University of Phoenix University of Phoenix is solely based online and offers a very wide variety of programs. They are a bit expensive, but they are also well known and very well recognized.

3 - Kaplan University Kaplan University is one of the favorites among online students. They have a great staff, excellent degree programs, and a very easy system for students to use online.

4 - Westwood College Online Westwood College is a very well respected name and offers both associates and bachelors programs. They have a very good system and provide students with a job search at the completion of their degree.

5 - Capella University Capella University offers many different programs and is one of the leaders in variety. They have plenty of programs to choose from and give students a lot of flexibility.

6 - Saint Leo University Saint Leo University only offers masters programs, but they have some of the most respected masters programs online. They offer a handful of great programs and are one of the top for masters education.

7 - Walden University Walden University has been around since 1970. They have a very experienced staff and offer a wide range of programs. They are a bit pricey though.

8 - Everest University Everest University has many professors that have actually worked in the field that they teach and they offer a wide variety of online programs as well.

9 - The Art Institute Of Pittsburgh If you are looking for a creative degree, then The Art Institute of Pittsburgh is for you. They offer online programs you will not find anywhere else and are the leader in Art degrees online.

10 - American InterContinnential University AIU is well known online and is one of the fastest growing Universities. They have a great accelerated program and provide plenty of flexibility. There are the top 10 rated online colleges for you to choose from. Make sure to weight the cost and the benefits of each University so you can make the best decision possible for you.